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April 2018
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Rhinitis Sufferers May Not Be Picking the Right Drugs to Treat Symptoms

An Australian study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice revealed that only 16.5% of surveyed patients with rhinitis selected optimal over-the-counter (OTC) medications to treat their symptoms.
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Web Tips

Chronic Hives Quiz for Patients

Skin allergies and hives are one of the most searched topics on the AAAAI website. We now have an interactive quiz that provides patients with basic information on chronic hives, which will improve patient understanding and satisfaction with the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. The quiz is available in both English and Spanish.

You can also print a PDF version of the quiz in English and Spanish to provide to patients in settings without a computer. The answer sheet to the quiz can be accessed here in English or Spanish.

From the President
Robert A. Wood, MD, FAAAAI

Dear Colleagues,

Last month I briefly introduced myself and my presidential initiatives, which revolve around the theme of optimal care for the food allergic patient. I am very excited about this initiative as food allergy is playing an increasingly important role in our specialty and this role will only increase as the disease becomes more prevalent and treatments become available. My theme has a focus on four key areas of need: a rational approach to treatment, optimizing prevention, making an accurate diagnosis, and best practices for the prevention and treatment of anaphylaxis. I would like to use this message to build on the introduction I gave last month and now discuss each of these areas of need in more detail.

A Rational Approach to the Treatment of Food Allergy

This area is complex and rapidly evolving. First, “off label” treatment of food allergy is growing, although we still do not have any clear guidelines for its use.