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June 2018


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its approved 2017 MIPS QCDR vendors list on the Quality Payment Program website.

Here’s what you and your clinical staff should be doing now:

The AAAAI QCDR has you covered! You can fulfill all three performance categories that require reporting for full participation in MIPS. Find more about the registry at and browse the resources we have available at the AAAAI MIPS Reporting page.

By using the AAAAI QCDR, you can avoid penalties and reductions. Tell your EMR vendor that you need to be connected to the AAAAI QCDR. To set up your EMR system to feed data into the AAAAI QCDR, they must submit a request directly to Please know that some EMR brands and versions may require a custom integration, possibly requiring an additional one-time implementation fee.