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June 2018

Venom Extracts Will Not Be Interrupted/Reduced

On March 1 the ACAAI and the AAAAI sent a joint announcement on ALK’s departure from the North American venom extract market. This created initial concern that the previous short-term shortage would become long-term, affecting the care of thousands of venom allergic patients.

Fortunately, through the cooperation of Hollister-Stier with ALK and the FDA, the supply of venom extracts will not be interrupted or reduced. Hollister-Stier has provided not only reassurance, but ample evidence of their efforts to increase and improve their production of venom extracts - and to minimize the chance of future shortages. They claim to have sufficient supply on hand and in production to meet the total US demand.

As a result, allergists should not hesitate to prescribe and maintain full dose venom immunotherapy at normal intervals and to resume treatment if treatment had been interrupted. Rather than a permanent shortage we have been assured of an abundant supply.