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June 2018

Flu Vaccine Still Recommended for Pregnant Women with Asthma

Last month, Vaccine published a Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-funded study that found women who were vaccinated early in pregnancy with a flu vaccine containing the pandemic H1N1 component and who also had been vaccinated the prior season with a H1N1-containing flu vaccine had an increased risk of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) in the 28 days after vaccination.

While this study does not quantify the risk of miscarriage, and several earlier studies found no link between flu vaccination and miscarriage, your pregnant patients may have questions about the safety of flu vaccine. Members of the VAMPSS Investigative Team authored a commentary that was published concurrently with this study, and our earlier publications were among those that found no link between flu vaccination and miscarriage. The CDC still strongly recommends influenza vaccination for all pregnant women.