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June 2018

Latest Update on Venom Extract Shortage

A venom extract shortage was reported in late 2016 due to ALK-Abelló A/S experiencing a manufacturing delay in regards to its venom products. In response the AAAAI and ACAAI put together a task force, the result of which was a report outlining recommendations for our members which could lead to a reduction in consumption of the product.

We have been made aware that ALK now has a stable supply of inventory for the following products:

  • Honey Bee (6 x 1ml) Single Dose Vials
  • Wasp (6 x 1ml) Single Dose Vials
  • Mixed Vespid (6 x 1ml) Single Dose Vials

ALK stated that they made the decision to only manufacture single dose vials in order to maximize production capabilities and supply. Their goal is to have all species available as soon as possible, but an exact timeframe for that is unknown at the moment.

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact ALK’s Sales Support Department at (800) 325-7354 or