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June 2018

What Do You Want to Ask the Future AAAAI President?

Voting will soon open for the 2018 AAAAI Board of Directors election. If you could ask the future AAAAI President one question, what would it be?

When voting for the Secretary-Treasurer, you are deciding who will be the future AAAAI President as the person in that position will ascend to the presidency.

Given the importance of this top-level leadership position, the Board of Directors continues to give members the opportunity to ask the candidates pertinent strategic and philosophical questions.

This year’s candidates for Secretary-Treasurer are Mary Beth Fasano, MD, FAAAAI, and Aidan A. Long, MD, FAAAAI.

If you have a question you want these two candidates to consider, send it to no later than October 20.

The submitted questions will be grouped together and three or four questions that best represent those submitted will be presented to the candidates. Candidates’ responses will be included with the online ballot and in the fall issue of AAAAI Impact, your quarterly member magazine.