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June 2018

Have You Registered for the Joint Congress?

As you determine your schedule for the upcoming 2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress, March 2-5 in Orlando, Florida, remember that seminars are ticketed and attendance is limited to only 28 attendees. Some sessions have already sold out.

Register for the Joint Congress and ticketed sessions today to increase your chances of attending the courses you are interested in.

A small sample of thought-provoking seminars that have a handful of remaining tickets available are listed below.

Saturday, March 3:
Seminar 2001: Helping Your Patients Quit Smoking: Patches, Pills, or E-Cigarettes?                          Seminar 2002: Are We Choosing Wisely? How to Promote Cost Effective and Necessary Care for Allergy and Immunology Patients
Seminar 2004: The ART of Negotiation: Employee Agreements/Contracts and More
Seminar 2011: Animal Models of Asthma and Food Allergy: Choosing the Model that is Right for You
Seminar 2012: Prostaglandin Regulation of Allergic Disease
Seminar 2013: AH: The Role of the Dietitian in an Allergy Practice in the US and Across the Pond
Seminar 2014: AH: Integrative, Complementary, Alternative Medicine (CAM): What Do We Need to Know?

Sunday, March 4:
Seminar 3002: Viruses and Bacteria in Asthma Exacerbations
Seminar 3003: Practical Issues of High Risk Asthma Clinics
Seminar 3013: Epigenetic Mechanisms in Allergic Diseases
Seminar 3014: Allied Health Provider Health and Wellness: A Global Necessity in Healthcare Today
Seminar 3015: AH: Dietary and Nutrition Management of Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Practical Application of the AAAAI/EGID Committee Workgroup Report
Seminar 3016: AH: From Paper to Clinic Along the FPIES Spectrum
Seminar 3502: Engaging Underserved Populations in Clinical/Translational Research
Seminar 3507: Eosinopoietic Processes in Asthma
Seminar 3509: Storms and Asthma
Seminar 3512: AH: Parent and Child Anxiety During Pediatric Oral Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Monday, March 5:
Seminar 4005: Allergen and Virus-Specific T Cells in Allergic DiseasesSeminar 4008: Epithelial Cells and Allergic Diseases: What Are These Cells Doing There?
Seminar 4011: Underutilized Therapies for Asthma: Exercise, Weight Loss and Yoga
Seminar 4012: The Use of Anti-Eosinophil Therapies for Allergic Diseases
Seminar 4702: Meeting Patients Where They Are: Improving our Community Care Models for Asthma and COPD
Seminar 4705: How Allergists and ENTs Can Work Together Effectively to Care for Chronic Rhinosinusitis

The cost to attend a regular seminar is $40 and $20 for specified allied health seminars. You may also register onsite by visiting the registration desk in the Orange County Convention Center, although availability is not guaranteed.