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June 2018

Nominate a Brilliant Colleague for an Honorary Award

The AAAAI Annual Meeting Awards Subcommittee is considering nominations for the 2019 AAAAI Honorary Awards. The awards will be presented during the 2019 Annual Meeting.

AAAAI Fellows and members are encouraged to submit nominations for the following awards:

  • Distinguished Clinician Award - Recognizes those who have a primary commitment to patient care and clinical investigation focused on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of asthma and allergic disease.
  • Distinguished Layperson Award - Recognizes laypersons that have made substantial contributions in service, education and/or research to the practice of allergy/immunology.
  • Distinguished Scientist Award - Recognizes scientific contributions that have advanced allergy/immunology research and for leadership contributions to the specialty.
  • Distinguished Service Award - Recognizes meritorious service on behalf of the AAAAI.
  • Mentorship Award - Recognizes individuals who, by serving as mentors, make a difference in the careers of trainees and colleagues and, by extension, enriched our specialty.
  • Special Recognition Award - Recognizes individuals who have made a specific contribution that has benefited the allergy/immunology community.

The nomination process consists of a one page nomination form which should be accompanied by a cover letter, CV for the award candidate and two letters of reference.

Nominations must be submitted here by January 15. Nominations are kept on file for three years and are reviewed annually by the review committee. For information regarding this process, contact Jerome Schultz at the AAAAI executive office at (414) 272-6071 or