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June 2018

Start the Process of Becoming a Pollen Counter or Improve Your Skills

Advanced courses in fungal spores and pollen grains will again be presented at the 2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress. The courses are part of a stand-alone program on Thursday, March 1 and have a separate registration fee that does not include attendance at the Joint Congress. The 2018 program will present a morning session, Advanced Pollen Identification, and an afternoon session, Advanced Fungal Spore Identification.

These courses, which serve as prerequisites to the National Allergy Bureau™ (NAB) certification exam, provide skills in identifying airborne pollen grains and fungal spores – the hallmark of our specialty. Attendance at these programs will benefit the station counters and physicians who treat patients with pollen and fungal allergies. The courses also provide an opportunity for experienced counters to update their counting and identification skills.

The Board of Directors has provided 10 $200 scholarships to offset the cost of NAB stations sending their staff to the 2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress. The NAB is a volunteer network and these scholarships are being provided to assist in this volunteer effort.

The scholarships are for new counters and certified counters wanting to update their counting skills. For information, contact Jerome Schultz at

The scholarship application deadline is January 15.