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AAAAI Announces New Journal

The AAAAI is pleased to announce plans for development of a new journal. According to AAAAI President Dennis K. Ledford, MD, FAAAAI, there is both a need and a niche for a new journal. 

Several strategic questions guided the AAAAI Board of Directors in its decision-making process:

Is there a need for a new journal?
The specialty of allergy and immunology is growing, fueled largely by an increase in clinical and translational research. The significance of this research is positively affecting the impact factor of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI). The preeminence of the JACI as the international forum for publication of translational research in allergy and immunology has also led to an increase in the number of original articles submitted. This competition for publication has resulted in a non-acceptance rate of more than 85%. These factors combined have created both a niche and a need for a new journal.

What purposes will the new journal serve?
The JACI has been and will continue to be the premier translational journal for allergy and immunology. The new journal will carry more of a focus on the clinical application of the rigorous science, accommodating the majority of AAAAI members who are primarily in clinical practice.

This new journal will feature:

  • New opportunities for quality clinical scientific research
  • A forum for educational resources produced by committees and work groups within the AAAAI
  • Interactive educational activities that bring clinicians from around the world together to discuss observations and cases
  • High quality clinical trials that critically examine existing practice
  • Innovative case reports

Will the editor, editorial board and reviewer panel for the new journal be the same as the JACI?
The editor-in-chief and the editorial board will be independent, as our intention is for the new journal to grow and develop its own unique voice and perspective. Each submission to the new journal will undergo a rigorous peer review process, yet there will be some coordination with the JACI review process in order to expedite and streamline consideration of select manuscripts by the new journal. We envision that the roles of the participants in the new journal will change over time as the unique personality of the journal evolves.

What will the new journal cost to members of AAAAI?
We intend to offer this journal as a value-added membership benefit, making it available free of charge to all full members of the AAAAI.

When will this journal be available?
Current plans call for launching the journal early in 2013.

Read more of Dr. Ledford’s thoughts on the new journal here.